V Are Pure Farms was instated in 2020. The foundation of V Are Pure Farms is based on cash crops that would include Pulses, Food Grains, Dry Fruits, Oil Seeds etc. We seize to thrive the strength of the agriculture sector of India. Connecting with the local farmers, we are footing towards providing organic and environmentally friendly crops to our customers who would only receive quality products that are high on safety standards. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are deeply rooted in our Indian soil and promise to provide the best of service at our power. As we successfully expand ourselves in the Indian atmosphere and economy, we are vouching to do the same at the global level shortly.


Our mission is to provide its audience with high-quality crops which go on to make the citizens healthy and high functioning.


Our vision is to become the most trusted organization in the food industry, by providing the finest quality crops that guarantee good taste, and better health for the consumers.


We’re popular leader in agriculture market

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